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Spring Sports

Track & Field

Message from our Athletic Director:
It is always our goal to keep student athletes participating in their sport. We do however want to remind athletes and parents of a few policies pertaining to athletic participation. Please keep the following in mind. 
  • Athletes must be enrolled in 5 or more classes.
  • Athletes must attend school all day on game / match / meet days(unless cleared by the athletic director in advance).
  • Athletes must maintain passing grades for all classes to participate (No grades of D or F). 
Note: Hedrick sports practice rain or shine, unless it is unsafe to do so.
Pick up and drop off location for all sports is in the lower Jackson St. parking lot. 


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Track Order of Events

Hedrick Track Code of Conduct & Information 2024
  • Practice Start Date – Monday & Tuesday February 26 & 27 - 8th grade only. 

  • Practice Start Date – Wednesday, Thursday, February 28, 29 - 6th & 7th grade only. 

  • Practice for all grades Monday, March 4 through March 8.   

  • There is no practice on Friday, March 22nd - or during Spring Break. 

  • Practice runs daily from 3:45 to 5:15 PM. 

  • Track Meets begin the week of March 11th.   

  • Athletes will be marked absent if not present during warm-ups.

Attendance: If an athlete will miss practice or a track meet, please have a parent notify Coach Dahlin by email or written note in advance. We understand that athletes may have other commitments however, it is important to be at practice. Athletes who regularly miss practice with unexcused absences will not be entered in the next meet.

Closed Practices: Parents and spectators are welcome to view practice outside of the fenced track area. For safety reasons, only athletes and coaches are allowed on the track and infield. No dogs allowed.

Uniform: Athletes will be issued a numbered track uniform top and shorts; a sweatshirt and sweatpants. You will be responsible for the proper care and return of these items.

You will be billed a replacement fee if any of the items are lost or damaged.

Accessories/Equipment: All clothing worn under the issued uniform should be black (undershirt, running shorts, leggings). Proper running shoes or spike shoes should be worn during practice (no Converse, etc.). Track spikes can be purchased at a reasonable price to help with performance, but

are not necessary to compete. Please wait to see which events you will be in before making any purchases. Contact Coach Dahlin with any questions about shoes/spikes.

Locker Room: Locker rooms will be closed & locked during practice. If an athlete needs to leave early or has something they will need during practice, all belongings should be brought outside by the small bleachers (check with coaches if it is raining). Athletes should use the restroom prior to practice.

Rest/Injury Prevention: We will be conditioning athletes as if they are involved in a single sport. If you are involved in a second sport, please make sure to rest and not overwork your body. If you are injured, you won't be able to participate in either sport. Athletes should be wearing warm-up gear (sweats, jackets, leggings, etc.) to practice and meets to help prevent injury.

Electronics: Phones, iPods, mp3 players or other electronic devices are not allowed on the field during practice.

Track Meets: Athletes represent Hedrick when attending meets off school grounds. You should be respectful of other athletes, personal and school property at all times. Athletes should be sure to use appropriate language at both practices and meets. Athletes should stay at the meet as long as possible to cheer on their teammates. It builds confidence and often helps athletes perform at a higher level. There will be a quick team wrap-up at the end of each meet.

Fees: $50 participation fee is due prior to their first track meet, for those who have not yet met the fee cap. Please see Mrs. Keepes in the office for payment questions. 

Practices consist of both a running/conditioning workout and a training session in a field event.  Even if you do not usually compete in a running event, you will always train as if you do.

Events will be decided on by the coaching staff. Track is a team sport and athletes will be entered into events that best benefit the team.  Athletes will have some input and will hopefully get a chance to compete in the events they are interested in.  Coaches may see that an athlete has potential in an event that the athlete doesn’t yet consider.

Drop-off & Pick-up Is in the lower Jackson St. parking lot. Evening pick-up is at 5:15 PM. Coaches are obligated to wait with students, please be prompt when picking up your athlete or communicate with coaches.

Meet Times Are 3:45 PM unless otherwise specified on the schedule.

Travel - Due to a bus driver shortage, the Medford School District can not provide transportation to or from track meets.

Head Coach Carla Dahlin email: