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Chromebook Support

The Hedrick Media Center is where students go for Chromebook support. For lost or damaged Chromebooks and chargers, students need to submit a replacement request; the link is located on the Hedrick Canvas Library page. We follow up on replacement requests quickly. 

Chromebook Fine Policy 

Starting January 2, 2024, students may be charged for lost or intentionally damaged Chromebooks and chargers. For the first lost/damaged devices, the charges may be $100 for a Chromebook and $10 for a charger. If students lose or damage another device, they may be charged the full replacement cost of $350 for a Chromebook and $25 for a charger. 

Chromebook Tips and Care

  • Lost Chromebooks incur fines just as damaged Chromebooks do; do NOT leave Chromebooks unattended in a classroom, the Cafeteria, any of the hallways, or the Gym. 
  • Chromebooks should be handled gently to avoid causing damage to them.
  • We recommend charging Chromebooks at home and bringing them fully charged to school each morning. Chargers are easily lost or can disappear at school; leaving chargers at home can help prevent this. 
    • Most teachers have chargers in classrooms you can use if Chromebooks are not charged before school. 
  • Damaged Chromebooks are reported through the Canvas Library "Lost/Broken Chromebook" form. 
  • Chromebook acting up? Try turning it off and on again.
    • You can also do a simple reset by pressing the refresh and power button at the same time. Once the screen goes black, let go of the refresh button, and hold the power button until the blue light on the side turns back on. 
  • When charging Chromebooks, be sure the light on the side turns on to ensure it is charging. If it is orange/amber, leave the device plugged in to charge. The light will turn blue when it is fully charged. You can also check the battery icon inside.